Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag.  All Christians should know this name and pray for this woman every day.  She is our sister in Christ Jesus.  She is one of us.  She is a believer in the promise of salvation and the glory of God, the Father.  She is a Christian, a wife, a mother, a doctor and pregnant.  She is a human being, a creation of God’s love.

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag. She is sentenced to receive 100 lashes (Jesus received 39) and then be hanged until dead. 

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag.  Her crime – Christian!

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag.  She was born to a Muslim father and Christian mother.  Her father abandoned the family when she was very young.  She was raised as a Christian by her mother.  She married a Christian man.

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag.  She refused to recant her faith.  She told the court, “I am a Christian and I will remain a Christian.”

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag.  She will become one of the many martyrs of the Christian faith.  People, who for their love of Christ are harassed, persecuted, driven from their homes, economically oppressed, burned out of their churches, intimidated by their governments, shot at, legally executed and hanged in the streets remain  faithful disciples unto death.

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag.  We pray for you and for all who die for being a Christian, believers in Jesus Christ.  By your blood may we grow stronger in our faith and love; coming together, standing, as brothers and sisters, children of the One God to spread the Good News to the world.

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