Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 3, 2014 – Making Saints

I came across this story recently.

One evening Johnny was saying his prayers while his Mom listened.  When he finished the ‘Our Father’ he grew very quiet.  His Mom, seeing a look of consternation on his face asked, “What’s the matter, Johnny?”
“Mom,” he said slowly, “would you be happy in heaven, if I died and went to hell?”
Mom, taking Johnny into her arms said, “Johnny, I could never be happy if you were in hell.”

Who could not agree with the Mom in this story when we think about our loved-ones.  It just saddens the heart to think that we would be separated for all eternity from all those whom we love in our lives.  How could we find joy in heaven knowing our sons or daughters, husband or wife, friends and family members were spending eternity in suffering the pains of torment in hell.

This is why we are called to make saints of one another. This is why we are to live as disciples of Christ continuing His mission of salvation for all God’s people.  It is the responsibility of each of us to look out for, correct, admonish, teach, guide and live the Truth with one another in the world, so we may all dwell in the peace and joy of God’s everlasting kingdom of heaven.

We are called to see Christ and be Christ to one another with this goal in mind: That all God’s children come to be with Him in heaven.  It is all our responsibility to be the Salt and Light.  This begins in the home and with the family and extends out into the world. We are followers of Christ, the Way the Truth and the Light – everywhere, to everyone and at every-time.

This is the love of God.  This is the love we are called to have for one another.  Our love is measured by how well we loved the other, as we loved ourselves.


Deacon Don

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