Friday, June 6, 2014

Pentecost Sunday

Three members of our Christian community will complete their sacraments of initiation into the Catholic Church at Holy Spirit Church this Sunday.  Daniel, Eulysis and Amy, after having spent time in study and prayer will receive the Holy Spirit as the Apostles did in that upper room after Jesus rose into heaven.

While, tongues, as of fire, may not be visible coming upon their heads (but do we not just hope that they do appear!), they will be filled with the Spirit of the Father and the Son.  Each will be given the power of the Spirit to bring the Good News of Salvation to the world through word and action in living the Christian life.  

As their guide and protector, the Spirit will give them the confidence, strength and peace to live as disciples in the world, but also as guide and protector, the Spirit will help them resist the temptations of the evil-one, so they may not be of this world, but live in Christ in this world.

Let us congratulate Daniel, Eulysis and Amy and welcome them into the fullness of discipleship. And let us too be reminded of how the Holy Spirit dwells in each one of us; giving us the courage and strength, love and peace to live truly as disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Deacon Don

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